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Instagram Favourites: Dad’s edition

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Instagram Favourites: Dad’s edition

It’s Father’s day weekend! And we will be heading to Kelowna on Sunday so I wanted to take the time to write a post to those daddas that I follow on Instagram and that I think they definitly deserve a post! We are always mentioning moms out there but I rarely see a post or a follow friday about dads, and I guess the reason why is because if we don’t have time to write a blog, they have even less! I don’t know these guys, however I love their Insta stories, blogs and pics! And the reason why I love to read them, mostly is because I can see the other side of the coin. Sometimes we would think that they don’t do enough, or that they have no idea of how much we struggle, but the true is.. They know! And they have their own struggle. Their body change as well, they stop having time for them, they have a lack of sleep, they have stress, they are as much tired as we are.  Well I don’t personally know the guys I follow on Instagram but I know the one on the top. Francisco wakes up every morning, has 30 min for himself and after that he puts the “daddas” shirt on and help me changing Mia diaper, or he makes breakfast for her. He goes to work, come back and without having not even 5 min break, he takes Mia to the park, to the swimming pool or to the library, comes back, takes Matias, and he gives me 1 or 2 hours for ME, help me with the bath times, etc. And finally around 9 pm he takes 15 min break before reading a good night story to Mia and try to make her sleep. Between all of this, he washed the dishes, clean the living room, take the trash out… Pretty Impressive eh? That’s the super dad I have as Husband! He is being a super dad for my kids since day 1! He loves them, protect them and works so hard for them, and maybe they don’t see or appretiate everything he does for them now.. But I do. One of the best decisions I have made in life was to choose him as their dad! Too bad he doesn’t run a blog yet but on the meantime, you can check:  and the insta stories of Father_of_daughters and tate28. Happy Father’s day to all the daddas out there! 

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