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Veggie Tuna Recipe.. 

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Veggie Tuna Recipe.. 

Before my mom left, I asked her if she could leave my freezer full of food, so she asked me what I wanted, I was craving and eating a lot of tuna not sure why, so suddendly I remember this dish that she used to make, if you are a tuna lover you are going to like it for sure! What do you need? Carrots, potato, green peas, tuna cans, green olives. And for the salsa: tomato, onions, salt, 1 teaspoon of olive oil and garlic. To make the salsa add the ingredients in the blender, leave it on the side. Cut the veggies in a very small pieces so they can cook easily or you can cook the potatoes and carrots first, then cut them in small pieces and put them to fry in the pan, once they are soft add the tuna, green peas, olives and salsa, let it heat. You can combine it with rice or quinoa! This is a perfect low calorie dish with tons of nutrition if you are counting your calories! Happy Healthy Monday all! 

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