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Don’t forget “US”

If you follow my Instagram stories, you know I catched a very bad cold since yesterday. All day has been like a nighmare with this hot weather stock at home with my newborn and my toddler! My husband was able to come home early to help me with the kids ( I looove to say the kids lol ) so I can have some rest and try to get better for tomorrow. He took Mia to my gym, came home, help me with the cleaning, etc. So around 8 pm he asked for 15 min break for him. He left the kids in bed with me but I forgot my water in the kitchen so I went downstairs and suddendly he said ” come here, 5 min. Let’s seat only the two of us”. Mannnn it feel so good to just be us, reminding us that WE are important too! And then we started talking about how we do not feel good with our physical appearence anymore and blablabla but at the same time we were supporting each other reminding one to another that this is temporary. We don’t have to wait yeaaars to exercise we can find sometime here and there but let’s be honest! This kids are going to be in school in what? 5 years? And after that we are going to start having more and more time for us, and we are going to start missing them as babies ( or maybe not ) but what it’s important is not to forget about us.. Why? Because at the end it’s going to be only us again. It’s very difficult specially in our situation with no family here to find the time, but even if it’s only those 5 min it makes a change! What do you do to keep the love alive? Happy Thursday all! 

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