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Guilty mommys time.. 

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Guilty mommys time.. 

My beautiful Big Sister! Yesterday I felt so guilty because I didn’t pay enough attention to her! I’ve been wanting to have some ME time so bad! This is the story.. On Wednesday I was sooo looking forward to have some Girls time, I supposed to go for drinks with one of my friends, I arrange everything with Francisco so he could come home early and take care of the kids, I took a shower( big deal! ), I putted some make up on my face and I even fix my pony tail lol! I took my workout clothes out and I was impatiendly waiting to be 5 pm! But then my friend had some stuff at work and at the end we had to cancelled our date.. Man don’t you hate when that happens? I prepare myself mentally that I would have a rest and now I was feeling more tired than before! So on Thursday I asked my hudband to pleaseee take care of them for an hour so I can go to the sushi place infront of my home, alone! I don’t care! I just needed a rest.. Well.. 20 min later he was calling me that Matias had some big explotion, that Mia wasn’t doing well either.. So again no rest for the wicked. Yesterday well.. I already talked about this on my Instagram but I was overloaded again! So I took Mia to her activities in the morning since 10 am, I was talking with other moms and competly ignoring her when she was interrupting us every 5 min. Because I really wanted to have some adults time! There where tons of kids to play with, but she wanted ME to play and talk to her.. And I do understand why, because this is OUR time.. When we are in her activities suppose to be Mia and Mommy, and now i’m bringing Matias with us, and sometimes he would wake up with the noise, or because he is hungry so I have to stop being with her to help her little brother and that sucks for her. Talking with other moms they all tell me they passed by this and that is going to be gone so fast, that I should enjoy it, but sometimes you feel so overtired that you completly forget to do it. There are days that I can barely open my eyes! I wish I had more energy but how? I already feel I’m pushing my body to the next level! So today I want to give her my time, we are taking her for some Canada day arts and crafts and to a kids party.. Today is another day to do it better? Happy Saturday all! 

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