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Working out with a newborn.. 

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Working out with a newborn.. 

I think the tittle should be more.. Working out with a 2T as I think keeping Mia seat on the stroller it’s way more difficult! A couple days ago, I decided that it was time to start moving my body again, not only because I still have 10 kilos to go, but also and more important because I need energy!! Like a loooot! Staying at home with a 2T and a newborn it’s mentally and physically challenging, and I cannot find a better way to help my body and mind than exercising. I cannot go to the gym or at least not everyday so my only option is to go for long stroller walks with these two, and being honest? I find is a win win! They get tired, get a nap and myself I workout and give my mind a little rest. I’m lucky enough to have a mall 15 min walking from home, so I go to Morgan crossing and grandview corners almost daily! I try not to bring my wallet as I ended up buying stuff I don’t need. Yess there are days that I feel I cannot do it and I allow myself to have a rest, but the next day i’ll push me again. I’m not expecting to be back right away, what I want right now it’s to survive the terribles two and newborn stage lol! But with this walking weather, and coffee shops in every corner, how can I find excuses? 

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