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Where to go in Vancouver.. King Donair

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Where to go in Vancouver.. King Donair

I’ve been trying to cut as much as possible carbs for my diet. It is mega difficult because i’m breastfeeding and i’m starving all the time, so i’m trying to keep it real and have only one carb per meal, but I know my body, and I know that if I want to lose a couple of pounds I need to switch my vegetarian diet to a more Atkins one. I know.. it’s extreme, or maybe you are going to ask, why if I know atkins it’s the best diet for me I don’t stay in it? Well I don’t know how to cook meat, I don’t like cooking meat and I don’t really like the flavour of the one that I found at the grocery store, so as soon as I get to my goal I switch back to a more vegetarian one to mantain. Anyways, the point here is that we were in downtown a couple days ago, we didn’t know where to eat because Mia won’t let us, so we decided to just grab something to go and do a picnic on the beach ( thanks GAD for sunny days lol! ) We went to our favourite place for Donairs: King Donair on Davie street. Probably if you party at Celebreties you’ve been there as is just next door, and I remember seeing a huuuuge line up when I used to live in that area whenever there was a party at the famous night club. I’ve been trying lots and this place is still my number one! It’s just the taste of that lamb! It’s sooo damn good! If you are around the area you have to try them!!! Happy Wednesday all! 

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