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Summer with Joe

It’s burning outside!! And the worst part is that for some reason I cannot find my summer clothes! I’m desperate because my closet is full of winter, and I just had a baby I don’t really want to buy clothes until I finish losing all of this weight.. And with all the ice cream and ice caps that i’ve been consuming lately, I don’t think is going to be anytime soon lol! But lately i’ve been leaving on Crescent beach and doing picnics so wanted or not I have to buy some! I went to buy some diapers and everytime I go to superstore I have to check Joe Fresh.. I mean, it is very difficult to find cute baby boy clothes and they have a big collection of it! But this time I decided to buy something for me! I love Joe fresh because you do not need to break the bank to look good! And you can always mix & match the cheap and the luxurious ( just add a designer bag or a nice bracelet) if it’s so important to you. I picked a couple of basic shorts and t-shirts that it can be use and combine with everything! Everything for less than $30! Did you know that the designer from Joe fresh is the same as Club Monaco? Yeeeep! So I selected my favourite pieces to share with you. Do you have any favourite cheapo brands? Share it with me please! Happy Sunny Sunday all! 

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