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Postpartum Blues..

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Postpartum Blues..

This long weekend has been awesome so far! Friday I had my mom cooking and getting my freezer full of food so I can survive for the next month, Saturday we had Matias welcome party, well kinda, I’m so exhausted and with literally no time to arrange anything so I went easy peasy and instead of having a baby welcome shower, I decided that a putlock in the park behind my house would be the best idea ever..I mean, the weather it’s been amazing and we are not only lucky enough to have 1 but 2 playgrounds in this park! At the beginning I thought nobody would show up, I mean, c’mon! It’s long weekend and we live so far! But surprisily we even had to buy a second BBQ lol!! Lots of friends came over and we had an amazing time eating and listening advices and stories from everyone! and today we spent the whole day in Vancouver between the aquarium and the beach. We wanted to do something special for Mia because one, it’s been a lot of changes for her lately and two, my mom left today and we know how much she is going to miss her! She is obsessed with the movie finding dory so we knew the aquarium would be something magical for her and it was! Since I moved to Vancouver I was always saying that I would go to Science world and the aquarium when I have kids, so this is it! I loooove the aquarium but i’ll write about it later in a different post. After a whole day with Mia, we came over, had dinner and we are going to try to re-train her to sleep in her bed, so dadda and her went to her room and I finally had some alone time with my little Matias. He was crying so bad because he wanted to sleep, so I breastfeed him, went to youtube and played some “baby songs to sleep”. While I was walking around the room with him in my arms, I remember that a month ago( like seriously??!!! It’s been a month sice I had him already? Wtf!! ) I was in the shower, very nervous because he didn’t want to get out, and that night I decided to relax and enjoy having him in my tummy, and I started to dance with him like I was doing right now, but now he is out.. He is not inside of me anymore.. And then suddendly my hearth brake. He is still little, he just born.. He is still mine.. But then I looked at the wall and I see a picture of my Mia, when she became one.. And now she grow up sooo much! She is not a baby anymore! She is a little toddler, who is surpring me everyday of how much she has grow! And it makes me my proud but at the same time sad! They grow fast they said.. And it’s true! They do! So this is it! This is my last baby! We wanted a boy and a girl and we are blessed enough to have them both! Mia will always be spoiled because she was my first one.. But Matiad will always be spoiled because is my last one. I see him and I don’t want him to grow! And at the same time I want the newborn face to pass so I can sleep again! But I want to enjoy every second, I want to remember him like this.. But time is going sooo fast! He is so awake already! Please don’t grow! And Please do! 

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