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Breastfeeding life.. 

One of the things that I love-hate the most when I had Mia was breastfeeding. At the beginning it was a nighmare! It was so damn painful! It was even more painful than her birth because I didn’t know when that pain would go away! Plus it was a lot of work to be breastfeeding and pumping all day long, however after a couple of months, it was my favourite thing to do! I loveeee that connection that I had with her, I love not having to wash any bottles, it was so easy just to put her on my breast for a couple of minutes and that was it! I love the way she was looking at me while breastfeeding, like saying thank you mommy! So with this pregnancy I knew I wanted to breastfeed again, HOWEVER I wanted him to like formula as well, as for me, it made my life easier on my previous pregnancy, so I choose to Mix-feed again, even tho my doctor wasn’t happy about it. I know they said that exclusive breastfeeding babies are the healthies, but being honest, most of my friends back at home they only use formula and their babies/toddlers are very healthy. With Mia I mix-feed as well and she was super healthy.. Until she started the daycare. One of the best advices that I can give for new moms is that every mom should do whatever it works for them, you can listen to everyone, but don’t do things because you are afraid to be judge, do it because it is what makes your life easier and takes away the stress, remember happy mom, happy baby.. Happy family! Don’t let the stress in, remember to yourself that being a mommy is difficult and you have to do what you have to do. Happy Friyay all! 

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