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Where to go for Microblading..

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Where to go for Microblading..

If you have been reading my blog, you would know that back in October we went to Mexico to visit our family. I had to stay a couple of more days as I had to work in Guadalajara, which I didn’t mind as I consider it as my third home. We stayed at my mom’s place and I remember her coming back home with her eyebrows looking super weird. I didn’t like at all what they did to her and I didn’t know anything about this new thing call “microblading” and suddendly when I came back from my trip, everyone seems to be doing it. My favourite instagramers, my friends, my favourite bloggers, but I wasn’t sure about it until last Saturday. As you may know my mom is here in Vancouver helping me with the house duties and baby sitting while we adapt with the new baby, so before Matias born, I went to have a haircut at chatters salon at the grandview corners and while I was getting my haircut, my mom came super excited because she saw that one of the girls that works there had an amazing job done in her eyebrows. She got the contact of the microblading master, we called her and made an appoitment with her. I left my mom there and left as the procedure takes 4 hours, and when I came back to pick her up, maaan I want those eyebrows!!!! First, she is super nice! My mom described her as super professional and patience. My mom who had the first procedure done in Mexico said that her work is waaaay better than anything she have seen and the procedure was painless. She has an excellent customer service and the best part? She is a mom who works from home #supportlocal ! You can take a quick view on her Instagram #symmetrybrowart to see the amazing results! Can’t wait to have my eyebrows done! 

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