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One is one .. Two is twenty

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One is one .. Two is twenty

I heard that phrase in one of the episodes of keep it up with the kardashians ( guiltyyy ) and I remember thinking and imagine how it would be when we decide to have a second child. Yesterday we finally go outside ( well.. Not really outside) and bring Matias for his first mall experience. We went to the guilford mall just to spend the day and distract our minds, and it was insane the amount of time that it took me to have everyone and everything ready just to go for a simple day at the mall. Seriously it took me like 4 hours between having to put Mia in the shower, breastfeeding every hour for like 30 min, diaper bags, changing diapers, etc etc etc. It made me realize how much my life has changed already. And not only that, having to make time for my toddler who is still dealing with the idea of becoming a big sister and a very demanding new born who wants to be feed every hour.. I have to confess that I’ve been using formula at some point of the day because I do not have time for pumping.. That make me feel so guilty but what do I do? I seriously have so much respect for those single moms! Like I cannot stop thinking about this single mom that I know that has 3 under 2, a pair of twins plus a year and a half.. How can she do it? At what time she showers? How can she go outside? How can she does groceries!! At what time she cooks? Everytime I think I cannot do it.. I like to use her as a reminder. I laugh at those times when I thought that with 2 everything would be so much easier! And right now i’m blessed enough to have my mom here taking completly care of my house, including cooking, but i’m pretty sure that my house is going to be a mess after she leaves! I just don’t know how moms can have 2 kids and still have their house clean and look great.. Maybe I do not know how to organize? Is there an special website that tells you what to do? Cansomeone  give me an advice? Happy Sunday all! 

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