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Matias birth Story.. 

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Matias birth Story.. 

I’ve been receiving lots of messages asking me how was my birth, I couldn’t stop talking of how afraid I was to be over due, how hard I was working to bring this baby out and how afraid I was of not having anestesia that I guess everyone is so curious about what happened. Well .. Gratefully he arrived according to plan, he arrived on his due date, in perfect timing ( Francisco was at home, Mia was sleep ) and fast enough to not have any anestesia!! If you followed my instagram stories, I was walking like crazy, eating pineapple, they did a membrane sweep a week before, I was trying everything because my tummy was soo big and I was so afraid to be over due! So on Tuesday 25, I had my regular doctor appoitment and I cried with the doctor and told her how nervous I was, as the next day I was reaching the 40 week and they did planned an ultrasound for may 04 to check on the weight of the baby and take a decition on my delivery. She told me that everything was fine, and that we will try the sweep one more time that usually second time works better. After my appoitment I didn’t feel like walking or doing anything, I was done trying. I went to pick up Francisco, we went to michael’s to buy some stuff as he had a work event the next day and we came home. I felt sleep and at around 2 am I woke up to pee, I had some cramps but I did have them when they did the sweep the first time, so I didn’t pay much attention, I had a little bit of blood on my pee but I came back to bed. I couldn’t go back to sleep and I felt that the cramps were going stronger, and suddendly I knew something was going on.. Or maybe not.. But I was so afraid of not having an epidural that even I didn’t have lots of pain I wanted to exagerate, so I woke up Francisco told him we needed to go to the hospital right away. While I was waiting on the car, the cramps started to be more stronger, Francisco couldn’t find the keys, I was getting so nervous.. Where the hell is him? Is he taking a shower? Are you kidding me? Moooove!!! Finally he found them and thanks GAD peace arch hospital is only 5 min from my home! So as soon as I arrived at the registration I told the girl that I was having contractions, she looked at me and asked me if I needed a wheel chair and I responded no, and suddendly my water broke! Omg, it was water and more and more water coming, they put me in the chair and gave me a room right away!! I was so surprise of how fast I got a room because with mia it took hours to get one back at woman’s hospital, anyways.. I started telling and telling that I wanted an epidural, please call the doctor, I need to have one. They said they needed to do some blood test first and see if I can have one, the nurse put her hand on my thing to check how long I was dilated, and she said I was only 2 cm, BUT she wasn’t sure. It did feel more than that and my contractions were every 3 min, we wait 10 min and another nurse came put her hand inside and said: you are now 4 cm.. And I was getting nervous.. Where are those blood results? Can you wake up the doctor? I need anestesia!!! Then  a resident came and he wanted to check if I can still have an epidural, he put his hand inside and suddendly I was 5! Man this is going fast.. Where the hell is my epidural? My whole body was shaking.. The contractions where every minute, not time for rest, they put the laughing gas and was horrible! I was feeling nauseous, finally the doctor came I was 6 cm and suddendly 7 omg the pain is horrible I cannot even breath.. Then the heart of the baby started going slow, doctors started to get nervous.. We need to help your baby.. Pleas turn to your right.. I cannot move!!! I’m in so much pain!!! The heart of the baby!.. I was listening to the monitor, his heart is slowing down! I turn and the anestesia was  arriving, i’m screaming epidural, they asked me to seat so they can put the anestesia.. How can I seat? Man this pain is horribleeee.. His heart rate is plummeting.. I don’t know how.. But I got strong and seat and suddendly it was too late.. I knew I was about to have this baby with no anestesia, it’s time to push. I went from 6 to 10 in minutes!! I never understood how woman know when was time to push, because with Mia I didn’t feel anything because of the anestesia.. The heart rate of the baby is going down again, he doesn’t like your contractions you have to push! So I lied down and I remember one of my friends words ” the worst pain is just right before you push” those words kind of helped me as I knew it would not going to go more painful than that, I knew that my baby was having troubles, that I had to suck it up and help him to get out and I pushed so hard like 5 times, and in around 5 min He was crying and suddendly he was on my chest. What?? He borned at 3:58 am, I arrived to the hospital around 2:50.. In 1 hour all of this happened??!! Mia took me 24 hours!! Did I just have this baby with no anestesia? Is his heart ok? Is everything ok? I can’t believe he is here! There was still pain, but I was looking at him, so tired, so calm, I was hugging him telling him what a great work he did! We really appreciate the love and support that we received at peace arch! Also all the support from our friends and family! Thank you so much for all your kind words and all your help during this time. I cannot believe he is one week old and I feel so proud and so happy to know that I made it! That my body can be in that amount of pain and still strong enough to help a 3 kilos baby getting out! Is amazing what our body and mind can do together! Never understimate what you can do! Xoxo Athenas, Francisco, Mia and Matias. 

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