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Instagram Favourites: Food Edition. 

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Instagram Favourites: Food Edition. 

I’m so excited about this post! If you know me, you know how much I love food! I love eating, I love cooking and I love to see my family and friends enjoying what I make. Even tho I’m not the best chef, I believe that practice makes the master, so I like to try different recipes from different people and learn about flavours and different types of food, so I decided to make a post about the people I follow the most for recipes. I hope you get curious and take a peek! Most of them are healthy eaters, and I like to copy all of their vegetarian plates! 1- Live Minimal she has tons of vegan recipes, just look at this soup, my mouth gets watery just to seeing the pic! 2- Martha Stewart ( who doesn’t follow her? ) 3- Healthy food and recipes: I love her because she has so many family friendly recipes! 4- My Nguyen: Author, chef and mom of twins! I love all of her recipes from her cookbook! 5- Fraiche Nutrition: a very well known Canadian Inspiration! Who doesn’t love all her insta stories and recipes? 6- Emma: she makes vegetables looks so good! 7- Health Coach Christina Lima: if you are looking for detoxes and free advices from a register health coach, or if you want to achieve that summer body Follow her!! 8- Letsfreackingcook: as their instagram username say .. 9- Mariel Liogon: I can’t stop staring at her pastries!!! 10- Eliana Aguilar Health Coach: quick and easy healthy recipes. Follow her youtube channel who do you follow for healthy recipes inspiration? Happy Wednesday all! 

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