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Bringing a new sibling home .. 

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Bringing a new sibling home .. 

Morning! It’s been a long night.. But I enjoyed every minute! My night achievement was no formula, just breastfeed! I felt my milk increasing over the night as I had those chills that I had when I finally got milk with Mia.. But apart of the lack of sleep or milk supply issue, our main concern is how Mia is taking the new baby brother thing. At the beginning I thought she would be so excited, playing mommy with him, as she is being all about dolls and babies lately, but when she finally saw Matias, things changed. She is being very jealous, even when her friends came to visit and meet the new baby she didn’t like them to see him, she was calling them to go and play with her. It breaks my hearth to see her like this, so I’m trying so hard to spend as much alone time with her as possible, I took her to her activities yesterday like before and she was so happy and acting normal with me, but when we came home after that and I got Matias back to my arms, again she switch. I guess is going to take time for all of us to adapt as family of four, and I hope that when Matias starts crawling or interacting things going to be better. Does anyone have any advices for this? I don’t remember being jealous when they brought my little brother home but yesterday talking to other moms they told me is very normal. Anyways, Happy Tuesday yall! Pds: I looove this Minnie and Mickey decor that I have on my kids room! Not sure where francisco got it but we had it even before we knew we were having a baby boy so I guess it was meant to be! 

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