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Are bagpacks the new diaper bags? 

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Are bagpacks the new diaper bags? 

I’ve been looking for a new Diaper bag. I like the one that I bought with Mia, but with a new born AND a toddler, is going to be insane all the things that I’ll have to carry in one shoulder, and that’s when I took the decision to look for a backpack. I tried all the bagpacks that I have in my closet, but most of them are small, so I decided to hit the mall and look for the perfect one. Last thing that I want to do right now is shopping but hey! Is a distraction as well lol! I’m under budget right now, so I was looking for something cheap but not ugly, big but not huge, something that it can match any outfit, something that doesn’t really look like a diaper bag, something comfortable, something functional, and the list was on and on lol! I went to Gap, H&M, stores that I don’t even know their names, and finally I found it!! Yaaass the perfect one! I love that it has all of these pockets to have everything organize, it’s the perfect size to accomodate Mia’s and Matias stuff, is simple but at the same time it doesn’t look sporty, the colour and the fabric matches any outfit and the best part? The price!! I’m not sure if backpacks are back or is it because I just started to pay attention on the subject, but since last month I see them everywhere! What is your favourite Diaper bag? 

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