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How to make a better Monday.. 

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How to make a better Monday.. 

I know the quality of my pics kind of sucks lol! But For some reason I always forget my camara and I take ALL of my pics with my iphone. Anyways that’s not the point of this subject, today I want to share with you how I mantain myself positive on Mondays. Being honest for some reason I’m more againts Tuesdays than Mondays lol! I just feel that I had a good rest on the weekend so Mondays don’t really bother me as much as Tuesdays, because Tuesdays is when I finally realize that Fridays are too far! BUT usually mondays I do some things to start my weeks with the right foot! My non-sucky Mondays start with a good quality ( aka starbucks lol ) coffee. I’m a coffee lover and a starbucks fan, and usually I make my own coffee at home but Mondays I like to have what I love, so I usually stop by to get my grande soy latte. Second step, I listen to my favourite radio station to my way to work/mia’s activities or whatever I go, I love Jonny, Holly and Nira from virgin radio, they make me laugh so hard! Third, have your lunch/dinner cooked on Sundays! So you start your week with food already done in your fridge! I like to try new recipes on Sundays! And finally hit the gym! Or do any physical activity that you like! I haven’t done this in a while since I returned back to work last year and I was arriving home super late, BUT before motherhood that was something that help me to mantain my energy and good mood during the week, and I can’t wait to be able to do that again! ( hopefully soon! ) what’s your favourite way to conquer mondays? 

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