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Happy Earth day! 

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Happy Earth day! 

Morning all! Mia and mommy went to do some planting at the Meridian Centre in white rock yesterday. I remember last time I did this I was in primary school lol! One of the reasons why I love Canada so much is because they really care about the environment. Saddly in Mexico we do not have this culture of recycle, mantain the streets clean, the use of reusable bags and shopping local. Even tho I grew up in a small town and not a big city, I think there is still a lot to do. Another thing that Surprise me when I became a mom was how people here in BC donate their old clothes to a consigment stores and people buy used clothes a lot! At the beginning I wasn’t sure about this concept because in Mexico it’s a NO No! I remember Francisco taking me to Value Village to look for Halloween customs and I was leaving the store with nothing, because I was just not “IN” with the idea. But months after Mia born and I started to see how fast she was growing and how much clothes I was wasting, I decided to pay attention to the comments on those groups moms that I’m on facebook and pay my first visit to Once Upon a Child. I went to their store in Coquitlam and I love the concept and the idea! And now when I want to buy something that I know Mia is not going to use for long time, and that is going to be expensive I always take a look there first! ( There is another location just 3 blocks from my home! ). Same as me, for maternity clothes! Another thing that called my attention is that there is no much smokers! I used to smoke a loooot back in Mexico, and the next year After I moved to Canada I stopped smoking! And it wasn’t a concious decisition, it’s just that it was soo annoying having to be outside in the cold to smoke, or find the right place that slowly I just gave up! I love that Mia will have the opportunity to grow learning the best of both cultures, and I can’t wait to be able to do some gardening and projects with my kids! What are your favourite things to do to help mother earth? Happy Saturday all! 

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