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Vegetarian Baja Tacos .. 

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Vegetarian Baja Tacos .. 

This is one of my favs spring/summer recipes. The original recipe is with fish ( fish tacos ) but this time I tried both versions, Fish and Vegetarian. You can choose whatever you prefer, as the whole point of this recipe is the Salad on the top! For the fish ones I used cod fillets, and I used Pranko bread crumbs ( I found it at choices ) to deep fry the fish. Now for the vegetarian version I used Cauliflower!  I cutted the cauliflower, put it in the oven at 375F with olive oil and himalayan salt until roasted. Now let’s move to the key, the Salad on the top! Ingredientes: White cabbage, White onion, tomato and Media crema ( Mexican sweet cream, you can find it in any Mexican store ) Salt and half of a lime. That’s it! I looove this recipe so much! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! What’s your favourite Spring recipe? 

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