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That Cherry Blossom Pic

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That Cherry Blossom Pic

I know i’m so late with the cherry bloosom pic, but oh well! I love to open my window and have this view! I really like April! The weather seems so perfect, the sunny days, the colours. Can’t believe i’m still waiting for this little to come! But I have to see the good parts, I just had a 10 hours of sleep and it felt gooood! I know soon i’m going to miss so much my sleeping! Good thing that Mia is a good sleeper as well! It’s 8:30 am and she still dreaming! I’m looking for getaways close from home, I want new places to explore! So far my faves are Harrison Hot Springs and the Little Islands in WA! I love Portland, Whistler and Sunshine coast too. Any suggestions around BC or WA? Happy Thursday all! 

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