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Adri’s baby shower

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Adri’s baby shower

When I was about 7 months pregnant with Mia, we decided to move from Vancouver to the Queensborough area in New west. I didn’t like the apartment we were living in because it was all carpet, only 1 small washroom and with a new baby I knew I’ll have our families coming to visit, and I’m not the kind of person who likes to share her washroom lol! We loooove our neighboorhood in that area, is call ” Port Royal” is by the river and they have a big park with playground perfect for families with kids. I was lucky enough to find 2 special friends who happened to have Mia’s best friends now, Sofi’s and Camila’s mom. Cami’s mom my friend Adriana, got pregnant almost at the same time as myself, we are like 2 weeks apart, so Ana ( Sofi’s mom ) started to plan her baby shower And I offered my help. I knew I wanted to use the same mom that I used for Mia’s cake, I just love all her designs with reasonable prices! I had to book her a month in advance because she is super busy, plus she is a chef at Wholefoods ( more credits ) you can find her on Instagram as @sugarybliss_ and I wanted the cake to have an special and personalized touch so I contacted another of my favourite local business @confetticrown both of them you can find them in Langley. I used my Candy bar for decoration most of them you can find them at Michael’s, some of them at Winners. Also we got some stuff from the Dollar store and Ana got those beautiful flowers from Walmart. I looove to use flowers for decoration, they make everything looks prettier! This was my last social event before “staying at home” to nest, and I enjoyed every minute of it! Can’t wait to meet baby Isabel! 

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