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Happy Easter all! 

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Happy Easter all! 

Happy Easter all! This weekend has been all about eggs, bunnies and nature. On Friday we took Mia to the Bear creek park in north Surrey, and we loooove it! We were there last summer, we took Mia to play with the water but this time I like it more! They had the easter train, the easter bunny, we went egg hunting, they have a huuuge playground and tons of things to do! I actually like it better than the stanley park train, were the line ups are huuuuuge! I love seeing Mia’s face watching all the bunnies, dinasours, eyes, etc. That they had! She wasn’t very excited about the easter bunny tho lol! I think she was in shock when she saw it! Saturday we went to the purely local event in white rock to support our local brands, I bought some cute stuff for my boys as I already had an easter surprise prepare for Mia, and then we went to make some arts and crafts at the Historic Stewart Farm. Today we were at Crescent beach eating ice cream and trying to walk as much as possible to help this baby to go down. I’m starting to get desperate to see him! 2 days ago I was soo scared of the delivery and now I really want this to happen! How my mind can change from one day to another? The baby is the size of a watermelon, and hell yesss it feels like! I’ve been on the birth ball doing exercises that I did with Mia one day before I went to labor, watching every single video on you tube of how to induce labour naturally lol! I guess I will have to mantain calm and let him decide when is ready! Hopefully is going to be soon! Happy Easter all! 

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