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Where to go in Vancouver.. La Taqueria

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Where to go in Vancouver.. La Taqueria

I discovered la Taqueria almost 6 years ago, walking on Hastings st. I remember I saw this little place that caught all my attention with the quote “Pinche taco shop” and knew this would be one of my favourite places. I stop by, tried all their variety of tacos, meet the owner I believe from Guadalajara, Mexico and I love everything about this place. It was super small tho, not a place to go and seat with friends, but the perfect place to go and satisfied your mexican cravings. Later on I saw they open a bigger location on Cambie and Broadway, and the food was as good as the other location, and then a couple years later I started to see my friends from Victoria posting pictures about La Taqueria. The flavour of each taco is amazing! I’m very picky with Mexican food, and as a Mexican I can garanty you, that this is how Mexican tacos taste like and their horchataa mmmm.. Next time you are around stop by for some tacos! Pst: I heard now they are making awesome burritos as well!! 

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