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Hospital Bag Essentials .. 

It’s almost baby time!! And believe it or not i’m still in preparation mode! I keep adding more and more items to my hospital bag, cleaning and right now you can find me at chatters cutting my hair lol! Anyways, As this is my second baby, I supposed to have experience of what and what not to bring in the hospital bag, so here it is my top 10! 1- receiving blanket: if you don’t have one, hospital would probably lend you one but i’m sure that you would like to take thounds of pics of your newborn, I love this organic one from Vonbon! 2- Clothes and Mittens: new borns usually arrive with long nails, you don’t want that beautiful face to get scratch. 3- Cute And most importandly comfortable PJ for mommy: if you are planning to breastfeed, one that you can unbottom or easily pull down. 4-Something to help you relax: it can be music, flowers, for me I love this spray from sage that i’m planning to spritzed on my face as it brings a calming effect ( perfect for contractions lol! ), 5- Make up and toiletries: If you are planning to have some visitors or take some pics you would want to have these! 6- Lip Balm: after all the work and effort you are going to need it! 7- Nipple balm: again if you are planning to breastfeed, this is going to be your best friend! 8- Flipflops and slippers: you want to feel as comfortable as possible, and after all the workout maybe you would like to take a shower! 9- Your cellphone: to share the good news or provide that sneack peak to the people close to you 10- Car seat: this is not on your hospital bag, but you will need one to take your baby home. What are yours? 😀

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