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Where to go in Vancouver.. Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont

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Where to go in Vancouver.. Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont

Take me back!! Some of you know that I was born on San valentines day. Usually Francisco is traveling somewhere for work around that time, I think in 7 years he is being only in 2 of my birthdays ( suuuucks ) anyways, this year he was in a Business trip so I invite my girlfriends to come to my house and have some girls time. My friend Paulina happends to work at the Fairmont and she mentioned that I should go to their Spa and do one of those pregnancy massages. At the beginning I wasn’t “in” with the idea, because I had a massage when I was pregnant with Mia and it was a terrible experience. Anyways, Francisco I’m not sure how he got the idea but he contacted our friend and he bought me this as a birthday/san valentines gift. I re-booked this appoitment like 5 times no kidding! Every single weekend something was happening and I ended up going 2 weeks ago lol! So I guess this is going to count as Easter gift as well? Anyhow, it was the best gift ever! Seriously! Just to have almost the whooole day for myself, seating, doing nothing, relaxing, eating healthy snacks, drinking tea, taking those 20 relaxing showers, enjoying the beautiful view of Vancouver including my favourite place ( I looove canada place, I know is silly but I like to go there as for some reason has an special meaning for me ) no babies, no drama, only me, myself and I. I was seating there thinking, how can rich people not be the happiest in the world? Lol! If I can only do this once a month, maybe my energy and mood would change lol!!! I know if you are a mom you can understand how BIG deal is to have an hour for yourself. The service was excellent and the massage .. Oh GAD! I feel that they took out years from my shoulders! I think this is the perfect gift for a friend/mom/momtobe if you are looking to surprise! I’ll definitly come back when this baby is born that’s for sure!! Happy Wednesday all! 

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