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Carpet Cleaning .. 

As I’ve been mentioning, I’m crazy about cleaning right now. Just an hour ago I was re-cleaning the house just in case lol! Last week I hired this amazing team who came to the rescue and did a deep clean on my carpets. I hate carpet! When we were looking to buy a home it was so difficult because most of the ones under our budget had carpet everywhere! They said that your first home would probably not be your dream home, but that you have to select something that you can live with, without having to change anything right away, so ones of the reasons why I said yes to this house was because the main floor didn’t have carpet, the carpet was only on the rooms and stairs. Carpet in the rooms it’s not a biggie for me, but the stairs whole molly! It’s another story. The carpet was in a good shape when we buy the home, no stains and it was looking very clean, but with a 2 year old and a mega busy schedule the things have change lol! These guys came and remove ALL the stains and left my carpet look like new for a suuper reasonable price. Francisco was surprise because it was half of what we were estimating. They said that you have to deep clean your carpet twice a year, but I think I want to do it every change of a season ( in Vancouver we are looking to have all the seasons ) while we save some money to change our stairs. If you are planning to do a carper cleaning give them a call: Ultrasheen Carpet cleaning 604-574-7040 Happy Tuesday all! 

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