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Countdown begins .. And i’m a cleaning freak. 

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Countdown begins .. And i’m a cleaning freak. 

Ok so this baby can come at any moment, my guess is that he is coming next week, so lately i’ve been cleaning non stop lol! I hired a profesional carpet cleaners ( looove how they left my carpet, post about them later ), and I hired someone to come and clean my house this weekend because I’m seriously too big to be doing this but for some reason I cannot stop cleaning! I want everything to be perfect, I know that being with a 2 year old in the house and 8 months pregnant makes that impossible but I cannot stop thinking that when I come back from the hospital, I want to be in a clean house. I know when I return from the hospital, whetever my delivery is, i’ll be hurt and exhausted with no time at all to clean, and I don’t want to be mad at Mia. I have no idea how those mommy bloggers always post pictures of their super clean houses, like when? How? I’m exhausted just to go up and down from my stairs! Just right now, I wanted to seat and have a nice lunch while Mia watch some netflix, but the reality was, I made salmon for her didn’t like it, then she make me stop eating to bring cheerios, then she decided she didn’t want cheerios so I stop eating again to cook some pasta, while all of this was happening she opened the fridge door, threw all the red wine on the floor, And while I was cleaning the mess she went to the living room and threw her water.. So I keep cleaning. And as soon as she finish her pasta i’ll have to clean again and I’ll never going to have time to finish this spaguetti. That Ladies and Gentleman is the reason why I like to have a blog, so I can let everything go lol! Is any other pregnant lady out there getting crazy about cleaning the house? 

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