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Easter Basket .. 

This is the first time in my life that I’m celebrating Easter. I was raised Catholic but for me, Easter was vacay, friends, beach, and maybe go to church. Last year I took Mia to the Stanley park train to see the Easter Bunny but I didn’t get the whole bunny thing until now. I loooove holidays and special ocassions, and I want Mia to get as excited as I am with this things.. I know it’s marketing and blablabla but I love to have something special every month, sometimes we are so busy in our lifes that we forget about little things, and I want to make every month of this time with Mia and my new baby special .. So checking on one of my favourite mom blogs, she gave me the Idea of make an Easter basket for Mia! It’s soo easy to make my little happy, she already is and she doesn’t need anything but I want to surprise her with chocolates and all of those Easter things! I found this book at Indigos Grandview ( they have a whole table with many options for your basket ), and i’ve been reading it to Mia everyday and she is getting excited about the Easter bunny now! I’m looking for more things to fill out her basket, I found this cool shirt at Gap, some Kinder chocolates, eggs, arts & crafts from dollar store and we will see what else.. What do you have in your? 

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