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My Favourite scrub over the counter.. 

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My Favourite scrub over the counter.. 

I’ve been looking for a scrub for my body and face for weeks! I know it sounds crazy but I haven’t have time to go and check all those fancy stores, and I’m not an online shopper, so last time I stopped by London drugs to pick up something I totally remember I needed a scrub lol! If you are a mom, you understand me I know. I went to google and search for the best scrub over the counter, and as a first result I got an article from I went all over the options and the Oatmeal scrub from St. Ives catched my attention, why? Because I know Oatmeal and honey are a very good combination for your face, and because it was less than $10 lol! When I was a child I used to exfoliate my face with oatmeal as well, and I remember how nice my face skin felt like, so I went ahead and bought one for my face and another one for my body. It’s been a week now, and so far I loooove it!! I put some on all over my face and neck, leave it for 5 min and then took it out, I didn’t even need cream for that night, my skin felt sooo clean and so hydrate! Even the next day my face continue to feel fresh and clean. The body scrub was good as well and I use their cream regularly ( The oatmeal one of course lol! ) so this so far is my new favourite face scrub over the counter! What is yours? 

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