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Spring Cleaning 

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Spring Cleaning 

I know i’m late with this post but, hey you know. New season means time to clean, and by clean I mean EVERYTHING including ourselves in and out. I really wish I can be on a cleanser, 3 days would not be enough from all the crap i’ve been eating lol! BUT since tomorrow ( I don’t start things on Mondays, I start them when I’m ready) i’ll start with the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time eating healthy and nutritious and 20% some guilty pleasures. I also want to start exercising more but for some reason i’m sooo scared to walk! They said walking is great for pregnancy, that it helps a lot the baby but I swear that everytime I walk I feel this baby is just going to get out and that freaks me out! My doctor in Mexico gave me a different due date than the one in Canada, in Mexico I’m 2 weeks ahead lol! But if the one here is right then i’m only starting my 36 weeks and that’s too early! So just to be safe I’ll save the walks when the baby born, for now coming up and down from the stairs all day must help lol! Ok let’s go back to the cleaning.. Another cleaning must do is my closet! I wanted to do that on the weekend but I was still feeling sick so I moved it for this coming weekend hopefully this time is the charm. Thankfully I don’t have to clean Mia’s closet because obviously her spring clothes from last year doesn’t fit anymore, but man I really need to clean her shoes! One tip  I got was to use the magic eraser from mr clean, they said they leave your shoes super nice! And for those spots in your carpet? Shaving cream.. Yeeep, I’ll try it on the weekend and tell you all about it Lol! For your kitchen garburator? Half of a lime! Even tho I’ve been cleaning non stop lately, I still want to hire someone to come and clean my bathrooms and the entire house, as I know I can’t do the whole house by myself. I also would love to start planting something in my little garden BUT let’s be honest, I’ll have my hands full soon so I’ll leave it for next year, but if you have the opportunity try it!! And to have your house smell like SPA try a difuzer with some oils, or have some cinnamon around! What are your spring cleaning tips? 

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