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The scariest day.. 

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The scariest day.. 

A couple days ago, I had the worst experience of my life so far. Maybe i’m over reacting but man, I tried my best to not make a big deal but it felt like a big one. We were at the family place, everything was normal, Mia had her breakfast, she was playing, we were doing arts and crafts, everything seems fine. Suddendly around 10:30 am she came to me and complaint 2 times saying “auch auch” she seems sleepy so I thought she just wanted a nap. She went behind this toy house and she lied down, And went I went to pick her up suddendly she started vomiting a loooooot. I apologize, one of the moms came to clean the floor, the other one was trying to clean my shirt because I was all covered by vomit, and when I moved Mia to clean up her face, her eyes went blank and she faint. I freacked out and started calling her and moving her asking her to wake up and see me, she wasn’t responding and I started to panic! I started crying and asking for help, keep shaking her, calling her and she wasn’t responding. Someone asked me if I wanted to call 911 I said yes, there were all of this things coming into my mind at the same time, Is she dying in my arms? Every second count.. What am I’m going to tell francisco? I’m pregnant, is Gad taking this kid from me to give me another one? There are kids around I need to control mysef, omg so many thoughts at the same time, I was so scared! You read all those horrorific stories on the internet, on facebook, all of those came to my mind and I was desperate, I just wanted her to open her eyes. We moved away from the other kids, I keep crying asking for help, someone called my husband, Mia still wasn’t awake, she was breathing fine and her colour seem fine but she wasn’t opening her eyes. It took like around 10 min for the ambulance to arrive, as soon as they arrived Mia started responding, they were asking me lots of questions but I couldn’t even talk, I was soo scared and shock, they took us to the hospital, and thankfully my husband was already there. She continue vomiting and everytime she was vomiting I was freacking out! Francisco was getting upset with me, saying I was over reacting but he wasn’t there when she faint, he didn’t see her like I saw her, he didn’t live those 10 long minutes with her without knowing what was going on, why she didn’t open her eyes. They did all type of test, xrays, ultrasounds, blood test, urine test, and nothing seems wrong. At the beginning they thought maybe it was a UTI but they were not 100% sure, they told me I had to wait for the result to come back. We left the hospital around 10:30 pm, exhausted and worried. Obviously I couldn’t sleep the whole night watching her, checking her breathing. The next day I woke up clean the whole house, I was feeling super stress. On Friday, my husband told me he was feeling sick, and I wasn’t feeling well either, he left to the office and around 11 am he told me he needed a doctor. I took him to the walk in clinic and my tummy started hurting so much, I started to get nauseas and feeling sick. We came back to the hospital, Francisco and Mia in emergency and Myself at the maternity clinic. They were monitoring my baby and  they told me I was having contractions, I didn’t understand because I didn’t feel those contractions, I was feeling stomachache but that was it! I was there for a couple of hours until the contractions started getting slower, but still I was worried about Francisco and Mia. Finally they get me out, I went downstairs and Mia’s results came back and they told us that all of us had the flu. That she faint because she was vomiting a lot but that she was fine. I was feeling much better to heard those words, and I felt so dumb about how I reacted, I know you have to mantain calm on those situation, but this was the first time I live something like this. It’s horrible seeing your kids like that, and while we were waiting for Mia to be seeing by a doctor that day, I remember this story from a mom in abbostford came to my mind, that her daughter wasn’t feeling good, they took her to the hospital, waited for a long time and when finally the got a doctor her 2 year old died. I think reading all of these stories played a big part of me reacting like this. I don’t want to read them anymore, I just want to focus on the positive and pray for everything to be fine. We are all feeling much better now, but it was a couple of rough days, being the 3 of sick plus my poor little bean that stress in my tummy. Hopefully he will stay a little longer inside.. 

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