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Where to go in White rock.. Ulis restaurant

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Where to go in White rock.. Ulis restaurant

Last weekened we were looking for a place to brunch around the area, we didn’t want to drive far or wait long lines as it was already 10:30 am and we were starving! To find a restaurant on Sunday morning with not waiting time it’s hella of difficult around here, but I got a recommendation for one of the moms around the area about this restaurant by the water. We arrived and there was no line ups or waiting time, the menu looks simple, it was a very big space with a beautiful view and excellent service, and a big plus? They are kids friendly with a changing table. If you have babies you know we are always looking for places that can make our life easier lol! We ordered the eggs bennys BUt the big recommendation they gave me was to order the crab cake ones, they said they are delicious but I wasn’t feeling like eating seefood in the morning. Here is the menu in case you want to check it out. Happy Monday all! 

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