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Matias Baby Shower

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Matias Baby Shower

I loveee planning parties! I actually do that as a freelance job. When I got pregnant with Matias lots of friends started to ask me when my baby shower would be. At the beginning had an idea and then I started to feel more and more tired, so I decided to have a welcome shower instead. Then I changed my mind, because I knew after Matias born I’ll be soo tired with a 2T and a new born so I wanted to do something that I don’t have to do nothing lol! At the same time I was talking with a couple of friends from different groups on the idea of going out for a high tea, and then I thought that can be the perfect idea for a baby shower. I was checking places and then suddendly one of my friends told me she was preparing a surprise baby shower for me! That sounds like heaven because I didn’t really want to do anything! The only thing I knew was that I wanted to have a girls time, a last time get together without having to worry of changing diapers, toddlers running around  destroying things, I just wanted a much needed rest and not having to do anything lol! So I let them do whatever they wanted and invite whoever they knew, at the end, for me the whole point of a baby shower is to celebrate the new life that is coming, and I know that when Matias is born I’ll still have my friends coming over to meet him and celebrate him. That day Started perfect! I took a nice and long shower, I did my hair!!! ( I was so excited lol! ) put on my makeup, oh man, I felt like myself again! I arrived to the place, without having to carry any diaper bag, bottles, etc. And things started to go better and better. My friend Jennifer arrived with this cool diaper cake for me, the girls started to arrive, I wasn’t sure who would be there but I was so excited of just to seat and have an adult conversation lol! My friend Karina brought these cool hats for the event and I seat and look around and felt so lucky to have such an amazing friends! I didn’t make it easy for anyone, go to a high tea place is not cheap at all plus having to find someone to take care of your kids that’s a lot to think about. But they were there and I was soo happy and felt so blessed. I love every little detail, from the cake, to the food, the place ( if you haven’t been at the petisserie fur elise at yaletown, is a girls must go if you love tea! ), the fancy tea cups, the hats! I appreciate everything and everyone who was able to be there! This was the perfect babyshower not a doubt! Xoxo Athenas

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