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Support Local! Petitlouloushop

It’s been a couple of bad days lately, on Wednesday I had the worst day of my life so far, we have been back and forth to the hospital, the 3 of us sick and feeling exhausted. Thankfully we woke up much better and we are going to have a good “rest” stay at home Saturday. I’ve been cleaning non stop because I know how delicate new borns are, and even tho Francisco says to me that they are kids getting born in the grass and the dirt, I want mines to be in a cleanest place as possible. I was washing his crib again and this little moon that I received on my baby shower made me smile. I went to the girl’s instagram and saw all this beautiful things she makes! Another plus? She is local! And she ships worldwide! If you are looking for a baby shower gift, go and visit her page! Happy sunny Saturday all! 

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