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My new thing.. Oils and diffuser

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My new thing.. Oils and diffuser

A couple weeks ago, one of the moms on the South Surrey/White rock group posted a business apportunity that It catched my attention. I was invited to this reunion to learn more about how you can improve your health just having a diffuser and putting some oils in it. The reason why it got my attention was because days before I was speaking with some friends about how diffucult was for me to putting me Mia to sleep, and they hughly recommend me to use a diffuser and put some Lavander oil in it in her room, they told me they even cure their childrens colds like this. I wanted to buy a diffuser and give it a try so when they invite me to participate in this talk, even tho I knew it was an MLM company and I don’t really like them, I thought it was a good opportunity to learn about the benefits and socialize with people around my area. As soon as I enter to this girl house I felt the good vibe. Everything smell like peace, they were super nice, they had snacks and wine, we were like 10 girls that we didn’t know each other and I was having a great time! You know when you feel so comfortable, and you can feel the good energy around, plus obviously they had a diffuser running with these oils and oh it smell like a SPA. They started showing us every oil, the benefits of having them at home, we were trying a couple and I swear that the one they told me to put on my neck for relaxation was the best thing ever! Sadly Francisco came to pick me up a little early and I didn’t finish the session and didn’t listen about the business opportunity but They are posting classes of how to make your own oils and I’ll definitly join one of those soon. Anyways, after that talk I was more than convince that I had to have one of those diffusers, I saw some cheap ones at Winners but I really wanted to invest in something good that it will work for at least my second floor, I didn’t want to buy the big box of I don’t know how many oils from the MLM company because it was a very expensive package so you can join their business, and at this time I don’t feel prepare to work in another business apart of my international students agency, so I went to metrotown and hit Saje. I always see this store in almost all the malls in van, but never really enter. I instandly felt in love in all of their products and I purchased my first oil and diffuser. I’ve been using it every single day at my room and it feels goooood. I only bought this oil because they said is good for sleeping but I can’t wait to try the rest of their oils! I’ll be staying at home all day from today until Monday with a little rest on Saturday to hit the SPA, as Mia is fighting a bug right now, so I’ll be with this thing on all day until Monday lol! I’m soo happy with this purchase and can’t wait to buy one for Mia’s bedroom! What is your favourite oil? 

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