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Support Local! My favourite Hair care Brand.. 

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Support Local! My favourite Hair care Brand.. 

I’ve been wanted to write a review this brand for sooo long, everytime I take a shower I remember and then forget again. I started to use AG hair products a couple months ago and I love it! I have a very oily hair, like I used to wash my hair in the morning and have it oily at night, since I started to use these products I’m washing it every other day. Why do I love AG? First of all Sulfate and Parabens free ( parabens are preservaties found in lots of cosmetics products like shampoos, make up, etc. And they have been related with cancer and lots of health issues ), Dea free ( another chemical related to cancer),  Gluten free, Vegan, no animal testing and another big plus? Is made LOCAL! ( Richmond BC yall ) one of the key things that I learned when I got my certification as Wellness coach was to learn about every ingredient that I put in and on my body. I’ve to admit that I haven’t being as caring as I was a year ago, I think I stopped paying attention to all of this when I came back as a full time worker after my maternity leave with Mia end, and I feel guilty about this because before I used to spend hours in the supermarket reading every level but now I go in a hurry so Mia doesn’t give me a hard time and finally now I can understand all the moms lol!! But one of the things that is still stock on my brain is to choose Sulfate free Shampoo! For conditioner I use another favoruite brand that I will speak about in a different post as I use my face cream from that brand as well. Anyways you can find AG hair products in lots of salons around Vancouver, mine I bought them at Chatters. If you try them let me know what you think. Happy Wednesday all! 

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