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Where to go in Burnaby.. Kidoodles 

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Where to go in Burnaby.. Kidoodles 

A couple days ago we had a playdate in metrotown at Kidoodles. This was my first time seeing this place, as I think is difficult to find in the mall. The place is on the first floor next to the t&t market and If you have a 3 year old this is going to become your favourite one! Mia is only 2 but from 3 years and above you can leave them doing arts and crafts while mommy do some shopping! ( this is going to be my fav place next year for sure) we stayed there and the girls had so much fun painting and colouring, they also have a small play area so mommy can sit and have an adults conversation. In another news, I’ve been eating like a pig! Now is getting real that phrase you eat for two! I’m sooo hungry lately, I even wake up in the middle of the night to go to the kitchen and eat whatever I see! I have 0 energy and is getting more and more difficult to take Mia to all her activities. I feel so fuilty that we have been watching lots of tv lately but mommy really needs a rest. Time for a nap everyone! 

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