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The war of the Double Strollers .. 

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The war of the Double Strollers .. 

Seriously I’m so tired about this subject lol! I’ve been looking for the perfect option for double stroller for months! Reading every blog, every review and is a never ending thing. First I want to start with I love baby jogger, we had the city mini GT single from the honest company as single stroller and we love it!! It was so light, easy to fold, with lots of storage and it was great in literally all terrains. We didn’t buy the adaptor to make it a travel system but the seat can be almost flat so Mia was able to use it since she born!! So when I started looking for double stroller the city mini GT double was my first option. I went to all the reviews, and so far the only cons were that you can only attach one car seat which it didn’t matter as I only need one and the second was that you would not fit in tight spaces, that it will be difficult to navigate trought stores. That was my only big issue but with all the pros I decided to buy it. We tried it first in our recent trip to Granville island and I knew it will be a big test because we were meeting some friends in a restaurant and I was nervous that the stroller would not going to fit the door or that it will take so much space in the restaurant, but for my surprise it was perfect! We arrive to the restaurant, the door was like any other store/restaurant door and it fit well, we took Mia out, we lift the stroller and it was so flat that it didn’t take almost any space at the entrance. Then we meet Mia’s friend so we had 2 toddlers in the stroller and we love it more! Still felt so light and easy to manuever and I knew I’ll love this stroller more when my kids gets older. A couple days ago, I went to the mall with my friends and I saw the city select also from Baby Jogger. It really catched my attention because you can make it single! I remember that at the beginning with Mia, I was using more the carrier than the stroller, so I was thinking that it will be great to have the option of having a stroller than can be both, single or double! So again I started reading every blog, website, I started a discussion between my group of moms to see if I should’ve keep mine or change it for the city select. Not only I started getting confused about those two, but also I started to think about other brands they were saying like Uppa baby or the amazing Gracco travel system. Everyone love their strollers, everyone had something good and bad to say about the different brands, colours, shapes, more and more information. I was getting more and more confused until I decided to come back to the Baby jogger ones and decided between the City mini or City select. As per the people who have had both they said the following: City mini is much easier to maneuver than city select, but city select has removable and reposition chairs! City mini has large canopies much comfortables for toddlers than city select but city select has more accesories available. City mini is way lighter than city select but city select has more space underneath. City mini easily folds flat for storage but city select can fit in tight spaces. Now the 2 big cons were that city mini cannot fit in tight spaces, so going on the skytrain or bus in a rush hour would not be a good idea, or if I wanted to go into the Gymboree store in metrotown I will have to leave my stroller outside for sure! and for city select that when you use it with 2 seats it gets too long, and that when you second one becomes infant/toddler it gets too heavy to push. What to do, what to do. I guess everything depends on your lifestyle. Are you going to use it for outside or are you going to be hitting the stores? Are you planning to have a third baby? ( city select can have 2 car seats instead of one ) are you carring with lots of stuff? So at the end we decided to keep our city Mini GT as all the moms who have had both say they use this one more now ( both of their kids are toddlers) than city select because is way lighter BUT if you still deciding most of them said they use and love more the city select the first year as they were hitting the mall very often and love that they could be face to face. Am I confusing you as well? Lol! Pds: i’m still thinking about that thousand dollars Uppababy one!! Lol! 

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