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Cazuela de la abuela .. 

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Cazuela de la abuela .. 

This is my dad’s favourite dish, and my hubby favourite dish from me. The first time he tried it, my mom made ir for him and he finished 3 plates in 10 min. So I knew I had to steal this recipe from my mother. It’s been years since the last time I made cazuela but in our recent trip to Granville Island I saw the meat needed for this dish so I decided to make it, and as expected the hubby love it and even my vegetarian toddler couldn’t stop saying “yumm mommy” lol! She ate it without the meat but I was soo happy that she was eating all those veggies. It is so simple to make! I made a looot to last for a week, you can even freeze it if you want. What do you need? Beef Oxtails ( I bought 6 pieces, this is the perfect one to make cazuela because the bones are the ones giving this veggie soup the taste ) 3 potatoes, 3 carrots, 3 zucchinis, 3 yellow corn, 1 big can of chickpeas, 3 tomatoes cut in little pieces, 1 white onion cut in small pieces, cilantro, Knorr suiza, salt and pepper. How to make it? in a big pot, add some water and leave the beef to cook with the yellow corn. Once the beef is well cooked ( you are going to notice because the meat is going to start falling off ) take all the meat from the bones and put it in a pan with oil of your preference, the tomatoes, onion, salt and pepper. KEEP the meat broth so you can Add the rest of the veggies to cook, including the chickpeas, once they are done put back the cooked meat and the yellow corn to the soup, add some cilantro for extra flavour. I know I should make this recipe prettier and check my spelling, but i’m literally seating in my kitchen on my 10 min mommy break so I don’t have time to go and turn on my computer! If you get lost on the recipe send me a message! Cheers! 

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