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Where to go in Vancouver.. Nuba Cafe

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Where to go in Vancouver.. Nuba Cafe

Just on writting this post my mouth is melting, my crave for that roasted cauliflower is out of this planet! Last week I had a day off ( no Mia around ) so I decided to go and pay a visit to my best friend Shirley, there was no doubt where are we going to eat because this our place! When I used to live in downtown, shirls and I were having our dates at the one in gastown, this time she mentioned there was a new location in yaletown so we went to seat there. As always the food and the service was amazing! We ordered an extra plate of hummus because one is never enough. The drinks there are delicious as well, sadly for me I had to keep it with water. This is my happy place, seriously I can eat tons of food without feeling guilty because everything is so full of veggies and nutrition that you don’t feel bad of living the restaurant with a full tummy. If you like mediterranean food and you are planning a girls lunch, this is the place!!! Happy Thursday all! 

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