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Sandwichon recipe.. 

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Sandwichon recipe.. 

This was one of my favourite lunch as kid! I know the name sounds funny but it is really what it is, a big sandwich! There are so many different recipes for this, you can make it with ham, with cheese, this time I made in with tuna. We usually make this for kids party, Myself I made it for a get together with my friends, it should be good for around 10 people. Ingredients: 3 cans of tuna, 1 red pepper, Mayo, 3 cans of “media crema” ( mexican cream, you can find it in any mexican store ), juice of a jalapeño can, american cheese ( I putted around 5 but you can add more if you want ), 1 1/2 package of white bread. Put all the ingredients exept for the bread in a blender on a high speed, add salt and pepper. Once done take all the boarders from the bread and make the first layer. Add some mix from the blender making sure that all the parts are very good cover, continue with the second layer and so on. Leave it on the fridge for a couple of hours and serve. 

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