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Tia Ana Noddles

This is the first time in my life making noddles. I always thought that noddles had cero nutrition or made me fat, BUT it turn out to be a very healthy recipe and Mia love it! She tried them at my friend’s ana’s house and when she told me how simple and quick the recipe was, it became one of my favourites. What do you need? Bacon ( Optional, I used it only to leave some taste in the pan but I didn’t add it to the dish, i’ll explain ), red peppers, onions, Zuchinni, medium firm organic tofu ( remember that for tofu is very important to buy organic ) Noddles ( the name is don don, instant Japanese and you can find them at walmart), himalayan salt, tamari gluten free, sesame seeds and olive oil ( if you have coconut or ghee will be better ). In a pan add some oil and put the bacon to fry. Once done put the bacon in a container or if you want to add it to your noddles you can cut it on pieces and add it. Now that your pan has that bacon flavour, add the veggies to fry for around 4 min in medium high and then add the noddles with the Tamari ( or any soy sauce )for around 3 min. Add the tofu and mixed. Garnish with sesame seed before serve. See?? It takes 15 min max and it is only because you have to cut the veggies lol! Great way to include them! Happy Tuesday all! 

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