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Time for a new chapter.. 

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Time for a new chapter.. 

Spring is in the air .. ( well, almost lol! ) and even tho i’m not a summer person, I really want to see some sun. With Spring also comes time for a fresh start and planning. For my specially is a new chapter again, my last day at work was Friday so I can finally take a good care of myself and enjoy my last weeks of pregnancy. One if the things that I regret from previous years is that I didn’t have plans for the holidays, and it was always very difficult to find hotels or places to stay at last minute, so this year I decided to smart plan and I already create our calendar activity for this year. Maybe i’ll have to improvise some times with a new born and a 2 year old but at least we can start making reservations and have good spots for camping lol! Also it’s time to eat healthier, the summer is coming and I know is going to be very difficult to get in shape if I’m having this baby middle of April, but to try to be the best that I can and for that I need to start doing some changes like cooking more. Another big change is coming is that Mia’s last day at the daycare is next week, so she is going to be staying at home until September when she is going to start pree school in a Montessori. I didn’t know anything about Montessori until one of my friends recommended, so we will give it a try and see how the transition goes. Last but not least I finally have the time to explore around our not that new area and meet people, today I decided to take the bus to come to the Peace arch hospital and it took me 15 min from my house. I love to have the beach so close so Mia and I can take walks during the day and I did my research and I was surprise of all the activities that I found for toddlers around the South surrey/ White rock area. After a hard work year can’t wait to spend more quality time with my kids and family. What are your favourite places for camping around BC? 

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