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Where to go in White rock.. The wooden spoon

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Where to go in White rock.. The wooden spoon

A couple weekends ago, we were craving something delicious for breakfast, and we were looking for something close to our place and kids friendly ( that’s a looot to ask lol! ), so obviously this was the perfect place to go! If you are looking for those huuuge non healthy, super greasy breakfast do not come to this place! One of the reasons why I love this place is because they serve the correct portion, the food is clean, you can have your benny eggs with a kale salad on the side, and the taste is amazing. It is the perfect place to have brunch with your girls, and if you decide to take your kids they have a kids area on the back where they can watch some TV of play some games. I really need to make some friends around my area! We moved almost a year ago, but being at work all the time I haven’t have time to socialize at all. That’s one of the things that makes me excited about being at home with Mia next year, that i’ll have to take her to activities and hopefully meet some moms around the area. I’m really looking foward for playdates and coffee lol! On another news, I’m finally back to work.. At least for a few hours as there is a big storm coming up in the afternoon! I really needed to get out of the house and have Mia playing with her friends so she doesn’t get sick about being at home all day, drive safe everyone!! 

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