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Choco Monkey smoothie

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Choco Monkey smoothie

I shared this recipe on my Instagram yesterday, and I wanted to put it on my blog but life it’s been crazy. I’m dealing with a huuuge cold, the snow outside it’s being out of control and as I mentioned my husband is away for a work trip, which means Mia and I, have been stuck at home since Saturday!! I feel soo bad that she really wants to go and play with the snow, but with this cold and not being able to take any medicine I’m scared that i’m not going to get better soon. Anyways, I copied this recipe from one of my favourite healthy places in Van: Vega chocolate protein ( my favourite soo far! ), cocoa, 1 frozen banana, bunch of spinash, chia seeds and almond milk. I just remembered that they put PB as well so if you have some at home add it! It taste like a healthy chocomilk for me! Happy Tuesday all! 

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