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Where to go in Vancouver.. Heirloom Juice! 

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Where to go in Vancouver.. Heirloom Juice! 

Do you remember a couple post ago that I talked about my favourite local cravings? Please add their Baja burrito to the list!! I had a doctor’s appoitment in Vancouver, but I had 1 hour left so I wanted to stop by to the pottery kids store to check some baby room stuff, and this little local caught my attention. I was very hungry and wanted to eat something healthy, so I choose their Baja burrito and it was the most delicious and nutritious burrito ever! Plus guilty free! I rapidly took a picture of the ingredients so I can try to make it at home ( hey I live in south surrey, is a big ride just for a burrito lol! ) but I guess I will have to cross the massy tunnel or alex fraser because it definitly doesn’t taste the same, I talked about that burrito the whole day lol! I also tried their Iron man juice and I love love the taste! If you are in a new year resolution, and a busy bee with no time to cook or seat on a restaurant this is the place! Next time I’ll buy some in a bulk so I can maybe put them in my freezer for the week? Happy Wednesday everyone! 

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