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A couple weeks ago, we decided to go and explore across the boarder. Francisco said he heard about this park, just crossing the boarder call ” Semiahoo Park”. So we went there and we found this amazing resort and Spa! I can’t wait to be able to have a girls getaway without kids ( including the one in my tummy lol! ). I’ve been feeling more exhausted than never lately, out of breath, extremely tired, seriously I have no idea how I wake up and go to work. Francisco is leaving soon for a work trip, which means I’ll be staying alone with Mia for around 10 days! I wanted to complaint but then I look to all the single mommas out there with 2 or 3 kids and then I shut up. Seriously! I have no idea how they do it! How can they go to all the pregnancy stages without help?! Francisco leaves me for one night and I’m exhausted lol! And the other thing is, I know how much Mia is going to miss him. She is soo attached to him, he went for a boys night out on the weekend and she was crying and calling him for like an around, and myself I was trying to explain to her that he was with his friends but she didn’t want to listen. Does anyone has any advice for this? I’ll try to keep her busy as much ss possible, so we will see. I’m falling sleep now, have a great night everyone! 

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