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I’m soo tired of reading negativity lately, i’m a social media addicted and we have been talking about the same person for almost a month. And I say “we” because i’m including myself. It’s time for me to take a break and concentrate my reads in positive things. My pregnancy hasn’t be the best, again I’m struggling with gestional diabetis and sadly I haven’t have time to take care of me and my health. Being a full time work mom, having a 3 hours commute, dealing with those terrible 2’s have keep me soo busy that I wasn’t paying attention to me. But that is going to change soon, I can’t wait to come back to my healthy lifestyle And having that rest time that I really need. I’m not a bath person at all! But lately it feels goood to be just lying there, I feel it gives me a break for all the weight that I gained. One of my friends gave me this mud soap to try, and I added this aromatherapy bath salts from silk that sometimes I use for Mia’s bath as well because I really believe it works and the ingredients are safe! I just love it! Francisco convinced me to go to the pool with him last time, but for some reason It wasn’t as relaxing as the bath so I think are those salts lol! I hope you are having a good and relaxing Sunday everyone! 

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