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Eat Local.. My pregnancy cravings

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Eat Local.. My pregnancy cravings

Ok.. I’m so excited about this post because as you can see i’m a big foodie. When I first arrived in Vancity I remember I told my roomie that the food here sucks, and I guess it was because I wasn’t use to all of this flavours, but my husband it’s been educating me about all of the different tastes around. In this post I want to share with you, my favourite local things to eat and what I’ve been craving in this pregnancy, so let’s start with my favourite roasted Cauliflower from Nuba cafe. Yess I know you may be thinking.. Seriously? Cauliflower? Man, you have no idea how delicious is this! It is so addicted that I cannot stop eating it! ( I stole this picture from their Instagram) when I was pregnant with Mia, I used to called my hudband asking him to stop by and bring some for me, otherwise he would not enter home lol! For breakfast i’m craving my favourite breakfast in the world: chilaquiles. As a Mexican i’m super picky with mexican restaurants and so far my favourite it’s el Patron, tacos y cantina on Robson st. They have the best chilaquiles in town! Then talking about Mexican food, have you try the fish tacos at Taco fino? Omg they remind me of my favourite tacos in Guadalajara! Soo yummi and fresh and another big craving for me.and talking about sea food, my favourite oysters in town are from Joe Fortes of course! Their Rockefeller oysters are to die for! Now of course i’ve to crave sushi! I don’t eat lots of sea food or sushi during my pregnancy but once in a while I allow myself to have some, of course nothing raw ( i’m craving the oysters so bad but I haven’t eat them yet ) and when I really want to eat sushi I go to Sushi castle in the grandview corner. My God, they have this special roll with shrimp, cream cheese and avocado that it’s my favourite from all the sushi places in van! And last but not least.. My favourite ice cream not only in town but in the world ( wow lol! ) Earnest of course! ( I stole this pic from Nuba cafe website ) what are your favourite places around? 

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