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Where to go in Fort Langley.. Watermelon tree

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Where to go in Fort Langley.. Watermelon tree

Last weekend, we went for a walk to one of our favorurite villages outside of Vancouver: Fort Langley. I just love the small community and their stores there. I wish we can move there, as it seems like an awesome place to raise a family, however we would have to either open a business or work for home as the commute to our works would be killer. Anyways, I noticed that they were lots of new stores this time, and stores that I never noticied before having kids, and I found this little kids store with all my favourite local brands. The first thing I saw when I entered was all the organic clothes from Vonbon and I knew it was a good store instandly. I bought the cutest leggins for my little boy, and I was really tempted to buy one of this bags that i’ve seen before: how cute are they? But Mia is going to stop the daycare in a month, and the other one hasn’t born, so I guess we will wait for next time. I’m becoming more and more fan of our local stores as they are doing a great job With the quality, and lately i’ve seen lots good sales. Next time you visit fort Langley do not forget to stop by and check out their amazing stock! 

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