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Let it go.. Let it go? 

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Let it go.. Let it go? 

6 months and counting! And my tummy is huuuge! I truly envy all of the womans that looks so beautiful pregnant! I’m getting insane lately with Mia, she it’s been horrible lately. Right now she is screaming to me so hard and I seriously don’t know what to do anymore. Should I let it go? Should I ignore her? Should I say something? But what other thing can say that it’s not “stop” or “mia should play with this not this” we are seriously lost. Yesterday I had a long day at the office, the only thing that I wanted to do was going to a bar, drink a huuuge beer and eat some nachos while having a conversation about the inaguration in the USA with my husband, but instead, we tried to seat and have a roll of sushi and it last 10 min before Mia started to scream and walk around and trough all the miso soup on her dress. I didn’t have the chance to try my sushi, we had to come back home and we were seating miserables in the living room trying to get some patience. I wanted to at least see the inaguration but she was still screaming until my husband couldn’t handle it anymore and we took her to her crib and let her cry there. We were soo desperate asking ourself what are we doing wrong? Are we being too nice with her? Are we a bad parents? Like seriously? We live for her! We work, we come home, and the rest of our day is for her, our weekends are for her, we don’t even have time for us not only as a couple but for us! I haven’t done my nails in months! And she still scream to us, and don’t let us have a dinner?? Does this only happend to us? We were watching the family seating next to us, and her toddler was seating happily eating edamames, why mine was acting like this? Do I need to take some courses about how to educate my child? I feel so lost, do I will have to wait until Mia is 4 to be able to seat peacefully in a restaurant? .. And then I look to the mom bloggers out there and I see them all with those amazing hairs, dressing super nice, what am I doing different? Is it because I don’t have family here or any help? Are they reading something I don’t? Am I more impatience because i’m pregnant?  .. 

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